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Negligent Operator Treatment System (NOTS)

What is the Negligent Operator Treatment System?

Whether or not you are aware, the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is watching you.  As one of the most powerful government agencies in the state, the California DMV monitors the driving behavior of every person who operates a motor vehicle within our borders. The department uses a powerful computer data base to carefully collect and assess information received from a variety of sources to analyze if a particular driver is driving irresponsibly.  The department believes that telltale signs in a person’s driving behavior can reveal habits or patterns that demonstrate a disregard for public safety.

Deep within the halls of the California Department of Motor Vehicles is a computer database that operates 24 hours per day to assess the driving history of millions of California drivers.  The computer analyzes the information and applies a logarithm to determine the driving fitness of all drivers.

What is the Negligent Operator Treatment System

Known as the Negligent Operator Treatment System (NOTS), this computer acts independently of the DMV’s Field Offices and arbitrarily will label drivers it determines are unsafe as Negligent Operators.

In order to maintain its constant vigilance over California Drivers, NOTS will receive information from a variety of sources regarding the driving habits of those drivers.  Examples of sources that provide information to NOTS are: Police agencies, Courts, Other Government Agencies, Out of State Agencies, Insurance Companies, Media and or Social Media.

The NOTS computer automatically assigns a specified number of “points” to a person’s driving record with the conviction of any moving violation, traffic collision, and certain criminal events.  If an individual driver accumulates too many “points” within a specified period of time, the computer arbitrarily identifies that person as a Negligent Operator and the Negligent Operator Treatment System will automatically engage.

Once the computer has labelled a driver as a Negligent Operator, the NOTS computer will begin generating a series of increasingly punitive letters designed to force the compliance of the affected driver.

The first letter generated is a warning letter that cautions the driver to modify their driving privilege or risk the suspension of their driving privilege.  If the driver continues to demonstrate driving behavior that endanger the public, the next letter generated is an “Order of Suspension” that literally takes a person of the road.

If the DMV is moving to suspend your driver license for being a Negligent Operator, all is not lost.  If you act quickly, you are entitled to an Administrative Hearing to demonstrate you have the skill, knowledge and fitness to drive and that you are not a Negligent Operator.  Contact the DMV Defense Experts at California Drivers Advocates.  We can help.




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